H. E. Dr.Sasa’s Message for the Father’s Day

 Dear dad, today is Father’s Day, but It’s hard for me to say Happy Father’s Day when our days are filled with this uncontainable pain and suffering, but please allow me to express my hope and faith that better days are coming for all the fathers in Myanmar who have suffered so much for so long. My prayer is simple: to end this darkness and cruel nightmare once and for all the people of Myanmar.

 Dear dad, I hope and pray very much for the time to soon arrive when I can say Happy Father’s Day to you and to ALL the great fathers who have given their lives for the freedom of their children, our people and country. Because of this sacrifice, Federal Democracy, freedom and justice will prevail and thrive for ALL the people of Myanmar.

 Dear dad, today, instead of wishing Happy Father’s Day to you, I wanted you to know that your son is ready not only to do everything he can, but if necessary to give his life for the people and country that you love and care for so much. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for our beloved people of Myanmar and doing everything in my capacity especially the ones who have lost their parents under the brutal military dictator’s hand.

 Dear dad, I wanted you to know that your proud son is saluting the courage and bravery of our people for standing strong in the face of this oppressive military junta regime in Myanmar. My prayer is that you and all the fathers from around the world who care about freedom and justice for their children will do everything in their power and come together to join me to restore justice and democracy, with prayers and salute to the fallen heroes of our nation, and join hands with me and the brave people of Myanmar in ending this cruel reign of terror against all the fathers and all the people of Myanmar.

 Dear dad, I also wanted you to know that I am doing everything I can for all the parents in Myanmar to soon free from fear of murder for themselves and for their beloved children. May ALL our brave people of Myanmar soon be free from these acts of terrorism that are being committed by this brutal military junta, and make a new, federal democratic beginning.

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